Mineral Management

Contract Negotiation

  • A lease is the most important document for a mineral owner in the entire mineral exploration and production process because it is the contract that determines drilling activity and revenue for the life of the well. 

  • If specific needs and terms are not addressed in the lease, an individual or company could be at a disadvantage for as long as the well is in production.

  • There are other contractual agreements that landowners enter into that can affect their property. 

  • Our proactive management style with experience, research, and technology provides contract negotiation services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.

Oil and Gas Accounting

  • Oil and gas companies distribute revenue to royalty owners through the issuance of a division order prior to payment. 

  • Division orders can be confusing, so we analyze and verify all division orders to ensure accurate payment for our clients. 

  • Use state-of-the-art accounting and audit systems that verify interest decimals and conduct payor audits to ensure timely and accurate payment. 

  • Provide specialized 1099 verification and summary reports that greatly simplify tax reporting and preparation.

Asset Evaluation

  • Knowing what one owns is essential to managing property well. 

  • Many times, property owners do not have a complete, updated, or accurate listing of mineral interest ownership.  

  • Some mineral owners have a claim to mineral interests for which they are not being credited, and if these mineral interests are located in a producing unit, the results could be costly. 

Who We Serve

  • Customize mineral leasing and management programs to fit individual needs.

  • Landowners who have inherited a significant amount of land or mineral interests, but have neither the time, interest nor experience to manage these assets  

  • Landowners who have managed their land and minerals on their own for many years, but who are now looking for qualified experts to manage those assets for the benefit of their children and to ensure the security and productivity of the land in the future

  • Landowners who have little, if any, experience with oil and gas production, but who have recently been approached by an exploration company and are unsure what steps to take next

  • Managers responsible for the oil and gas assets of large companies, charities, banks or other organizations, and who have financial or accounting credentials, but lack the time and expertise to properly safeguard their clients’ interests and need professional assistance.

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