Roy Jackson Consulting, LLC. Case Detail


1. Hanging H Ranch: Lindsay vs. Lindsay Estate of Roy Orsey Lindsay and Roy A. Lindsay, Rainey L. Lindsay, Susan Lindsay Thomas and Jo Lindsay v. Roy A “Sonny” Lindsay, Jeffrey Lindsay and Hanging H Ranch, Inc.; in the 143rd Judicial District Court of Reeves County, Texas.

2. MAGA CFM 2017 and the Midland 1235 Investment Trust in the matter of the marriage of Farah Nicole Matott individually, and as trustee of MAGA CFM 2017 Trust and as trustee of the Midland 1235 Investment Trust, and Caleb Lee Matott, VS. Kristi Rider, James Lance Irvin, and Tracey Foote, in their individual capacities and in their capacities as trustees of MAGA CFM 2017 Trust, VS. First National Bank of Stanton, Robert Tanner Matott, Mattison Marie Allan, and Wyatt William Matott in the District Court 318th Judicial District Midland County, Texas.

3. 7s/Bustamante: 7S Contractor Group, LLC. And Ronnie Burnett Vs. Bustamante Oil Company and Leopoldo Bustamante in the District Court of Midland County, Texas 441st Judicial District.

4. Sutton Place Scharbauer Townhomes, including the Homeowners Association and the Homeowners Association Board of Directors in the case of Carolyn Kay Hathcox, Georgia Temple, Wanda Streicher, Doug Onstead and John Muldrow vs A.J. Sanchez, et al. in the District Court of Midland County, Texas. 142nd Judicial District.

5. Simmons Bank vs. Oro Acquisitions I, LLC, Oro Resources, LLC, Oro Leon, LLC, Oro Madison, LLC, Oro East Tx, LLC, and Oro Smithers Lake, LLC. In the District Court of Harris County, TX. 80th Judicial District.

6. Earlene Freeman vs. Enhanced Midstream, LLC. And Wasser Investments, the District Court of Andrews County, Texas 109th Judicial District.

Advisory role to Southwest Bank Wealth & Trust Department

1. Pecos Water Station, Inc. – Hanging H Ranch Trust: management of the Pecos Water Station since its separation from the Hanging H Ranch.

2. Millard Deck Testamentary Trust

3. William G Hamilton, JR. Family Trust, and Lewis T Hamilton Family Trust

Other Advisory Roles

1. Estates of Ida Faye Kingston of Billy Joe Kingston in the County Court Reeves County, TX sitting in probate.

2. First National Bank – Abernathy engagement considering advisory services related to mineral interests for their trust clients.

Independent Administrative Roles

1. In the Estate of Kenneth Dale Machacek, Deceased. In the county court at law of Midland County, Texas.

Completed Projects

1. Milton Curry Estate: James Thompson vs George T Curry Jr., individually, and as trustee of the Milton C. Curry and Mamie W. Curry Revocable Living Trusts George C. Curry Jr., James Thompson, Michael Curry, Gloria Curry Biscoe, Monica Brown, and Janetta Jewel White, vs Charles Ester Curry, Individually, and as trustee of the Milton C. Curry and Mamie W. Curry Revocable Living Trust and as Executor of the Estate of Milton C. Curry. In the County Court at Law No. 1 Kaufman County, Texas.

2. Basin Roofing: Sean Carroll and Basin Roofing Construction, Inc. derivatively through Sean Carroll vs James Turner Wilson in the 441st Judicial District Midland County, Texas.

3. Triple M: Estate of George Dewayne Gerber, In the County Court at Law of Ector County, Texas.

4. Estate of Cecilio Torres in the County Court at law Ector County, Texas

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