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By hiring the Roy Jackson Team, whether as a last resort through a court appointment as a receiver or as a business consultant to avoid a receivership, you are in the best of hands to assess, manage and improve your business and it’s ultimate success.

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Roy Jackson is a rehabilitative receiver, sought-after consultant and transactional advisor in the areas of personal and business development. He specializes in conflict resolution for all types of businesses by providing a much-needed objective point of view, and an extensive ability to listen to and support his clients with the highest level of integrity.

Roy’s extensive experience in the acquisitions and divestment of oil and gas assets, along with his unique ability to create opportunity for his clients has led him to successfully complete over 200 transactions totaling more than a one and a half billion dollars in oil and gas upstream, midstream and service-related assets. Over the past four decades, he has leveraged his expertise in accounting, production and data to successfully found Roy Jackson Consulting, LLC where he leads a team that supports him in rehabilitative receiverships. The Roy Jackson Consulting team also utilizes their expertise to consult in the area of oil and gas related assets for bankers and attorneys who specialize in trusts and family offices.

In October 2018, Roy was appointed by the 143rd District Court to be the Rehabilitative Receiver for the 138,000 acre Hanging H Ranch in West Texas. In addition to being a working cattle ranch, the company also supplied services and interacted with the 12 active oil and gas operators that work on the ranch in some of the most active portions of the Delaware Basin. In October 2021, Roy successfully negotiated the 9-figure sale of the Hanging H Ranch and continues to serve the shareholders with post-closing matters related to the sale of the company.

Roy serves in rehabilitating receiverships in multiple courts in West Texas, as well as managing multiple energy related assets for multiple trusts departments and family offices. Click Here for Current Engagements. He is a member of PBPA, ADAM Permian and East Texas, along with SPE and is past chairman of FEPA, a Permian focused networking forum for the Energy Industry. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Life Center of the Permian Basin, and is a co-founder of Rockpointe Church in Leander, TX.

Meet The Roy Jackson Team

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